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Ski, boot and other ski equipment reviews help you get the right gear while cutting risks of costly mistakes. Our reviews provide you with accurate pictures of how a given ski performs and how that will relate to you, pictures drawn from the experiences of dozens of skiers of varying abilities and technical styles—recreational skiers and pros alike—who test skis and other ski equipment from Vermont to California between January and May.

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The well-respected 30-Second Ski Reviews in this public section (links above) are distilled from more comprehensive reviews in our Member Section, which has, say members, "the best ski reviews available."

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After reading our Member reviews, you’ll be able to select ski models to try or perhaps we’ll give you that extra bit of information that makes you realize you want this or that ski right now. If you're considering skis from a past season, chances are we have those reviews as well in our 3000+ review archives dating back to 1999.

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5 Fallacies of Skiing
from our newsletter archives

why skiers are better

Most skiers who aren’t professionally involved with the sport at the granular level cling to any number of misconceptions about equipment and technique.  Just how some of these fallacies became came to be embedded in the skiing public’s zeitgeist is unclear, but friends and family are the usual culprits when it comes to cementing bad ideas in place. To help you shed the shackles of ignorance, we hereby expose five fallacies that hinder pursuit of the quality ski experience.

1.  Wax makes you go faster.

Not really. 

It’s the pattern in the base structure—tiny cuts in the polyethylene base imparted by a diamond stone—that gives the ski its glide properties.  Wax helps ...more

More than merely ski reviews . . .

Beyond reviews, we have articles on custom boot fitting, boot design, ski sizing, binding placement, ski tuning, equipment maintenance, outstanding accessories, high performance ski technique (featuring Harald Harb and John Clendenin) and more. We offer unique 1-on-1 consulting. Got a skiing question? Top pros answer you directly.

We'll help you get the most fun per ski dollar. Whether you are just starting, a sometimes leisure skier, venerable veteran or working pro, we can help you find the best skis and other equipment and help take your skiing to a higher level, often saving money in the process.

Realskiers is independent; we accept no advertising from equipment manufacturers or distribution companies. Our reviews aren't subject to advertising pressure and embody no corporate compromises.

About Boots

rs130We know from experience the folly of trying to fit boots long distance —say, via the internet—and can tell you all you need to know about boots, including their role in how well you’re able to ski on any ski, but because we want you well served, we urge you to visit a specialty ski shop with veteran personnel who know their craft.

Top Shops

footloose sportsFor models reviewed this year, including more than 200 skis from the most popular brands, our FIND feature directs you to authorized dealers who not only carry recommended skis and top boots, but who also provide the expert services and additional equipment skiers need.

Our recommended shops are among the best in the land.

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Secrets of Snowbird

the fall line

the fall line

squaw-alpine deer valley alta backcountry snow country guru dave americas best bootfitters ski doctors
© 2015 Jackson Hogen inc
The Fall Line by Nathaniel Vinton reports on the race season of 09/10 on a granular level—focusing on Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller—but it is much more than that.

The book is nothing short of a superb history of World Cup racing, an insider's analysis of ski racing culture and even an actionable (if subtle) manual for high level skiing.

This book by Realskiers Editor Jackson Hogen and "Snowbird Guru" Dave Powers is unique. The title may be coyly misleading: The "Secrets" are secret to elite skiers only in that they have not before been so clearly articulated and, although centered on Snowbird, Secrets reveals more than tactical approaches to that iconic big mountain playground. Secrets applies to all skiing, from local bunny hill to the vast reaches of the Chugach.

Equipment and technique certainly are central to performance, but not the whole story. Context, mental environment and, especially, the concept of Flow are as, if not more, important. "Secrets" addresses these crucial concepts is fresh and accessible ways.(disclosure: review by PK)
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"The Story of Skiing and the History of Snow" goes the tagline of Porter Fox's superb—and scary—volume and that says it all.

Maybe the key quote:

"The ski industry itself has been surprisingly slow to react to climate change, given that it could put the industry out of business."

If you are interested in skiing beyond the next few years, you'd be well advised to heed this book.

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