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Ski, boot and other ski equipment reviews help skiers purchase the right equipment while minimizing the risk of costly mistakes. But, not all ski reviews are created equal.

Our reviews provide you with complete, accurate pictures of how a given ski performs and how that performance will relate to you, pictures drawn from the experiences of many dozens of skiers of varying ability levels and technical styles – recreational skiers and pros alike – who test and evaluate equipment each season from Vermont to California between January and May.

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Thank YOU for your response.  Real skiers IS the BEST source of information. You've written the best info on women and the ski industry that I have ever read. And I read a lot.
- Kathy N

WOW! I just told my wife, "We're printing
this [Motion beyond Mechancis] and plastering it right over our clinic schedule at the mountain this winter."
- John B

Re Women's Boots—
Best piece ever on this issue. Bravo. - Seth M

Many thanks for your very helpful replies. The Finess/Balance ratio is so helpful when trying to match the skier we actually are to a new ski!
- Nan M

Your outstanding site has become even better. Amazingly well written, it is extremely informative and well organized and at the same time enjoyable to read. Bravo! - Paul N

Thank you so much for the quick response and I just want to add that I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles. Not only are they informative, but fun to read as well! - Steve T

The best thing on skiing anywhere. Keep up the great work!
- Steve S

I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned from the information you provide. You do a fabulous job with the site and the Newsletter enhances it. - Roberto P

Easily the most comprehensive, understandable and useful site I've run across. It's the cheapest insurance I've ever purchased. - John B

You have the best reviews in the industry. I also appreciate the fact that you did not drink the fat-ski Kool Aid. - Steve T

Yours is the ONLY site I've ever read that tells it like it really is, no BS! Thanks for keeping it real and for the well-written articles.
- Carol R

Old reviews are very helpful for those of us who buy less than new equipment. - Mark M.

I have not found any source of ski info to match the quality of what you provide. Please keep it up. - Lee M

I would like to say the information on skis and instruction has been invaluable to me as a former PSIA instructor. - Ray T

I found some RX 176's, so with your advice I will buy them and put them to good use, perhaps as early as August. Thanks not only for this round of advice, but also for your sterling reviews & recommendations. I have purchased many skis and accessories on your advice and have never been disappointed. - Grant L

I can not help but tell you what an aid your site has been for me over the years. Thank you for the site and for your personal attention.
- Tom W

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We know from years of experience the folly of trying to fit boots long distance—say, via the internet. We can tell you everything you need to know about boots, including their role in determining how well you’re able to ski on whatever ski you choose, but because we want you taken care of properly, we urge you to visit a specialty ski shop with veteran personnel who know their craft.



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Garnering her first GS win, Mikaela Shiffrin tied current overall champion Anna Fenninger in Sölden, Austria on Saturday, October 25, with a time of 2:39:85.

This also means, at least for now, that Mikaela is tied with Fenninger for the Overall, another career first for the American up-and-coming superstar....

Ligety in Solden? Not so good—10th place, way behind winner Austrian Marcel Hirscher.