Last: Wide

Flex: 130/120/100/80

Model Availability: 130/120/100/80

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Rossignol Allspeed

Rossignol has always had a soft spot in its corporate heart for the high-volume foot, going back to its very first days as a boot brand. Maybe that’s why the narrow Allspeed Elite collection is two boots deep, the medium Allspeed Pro line presents three models, while the wide Allspeed contingent includes four models, in flexes from 130 down to 80. Or maybe it’s because Americans keep growing in every dimension, feet included, making the widest Alltracks the boots most suitable for replicating across the flex spectrum.

Because the Allspeed line descends to an 80 flex, it drops correspondingly in street price to the $299 slot, making the Allspeed 80 a great value as long as you have enough meat on your hoof to fill it. At the other end of the Allspeed flex range, the polyether 130 gives the XXL-footed one of the best wide boots on the market, at a flex index that normally sells for $100 more.

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