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Flex: 130/120

Model Availability: 130/120

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Rossignol Allspeed Elite

The Allspeed Elite 130 sets the tone for the entire extended Allspeed family, even though from a sales standpoint the wider and softer Allspeed Pro 120 will probably be a hotter seller. The Allspeed Elite 130 has the accurate, low-volume fit the world’s best skiers are accustomed to, without the Iron Maiden aspects of true race boots.

Rossi learned a few tricks when it concocted the original Alltrack Pro that it applied to the Allspeed Elite. The lower shell on the Alltrack is formed in a waffle pattern to create a structure that’s lighter, transmits energy better and looks cool. Rossi took a similar tack when designing the Allspeed Elite upper cuff, in particular the spine. Viewed from the rear, the back of the Allspeed Elite is a flat plane punctuated with two removable rivets and a slot to add a third, all the better to fiddle with the boot’s forward flex. Material has been removed from either side of the spine so the cuff looks sleeker, wraps better and weighs a bit less.

A performance boot is only as good as its liner lets it be, and Rossi’s Custom Liner deploys double-density foam to hold the heel securely while allowing the ankle a pocket in which to operate. The liner can afford to be close fitting because Thinsulate™ insulation keeps feet warm and dry without adding a lot of material.

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