Last: Medium

Flex: 120/110/100

Model Availability: 120/110/100

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Rossignol Allspeed Pro

The key differentiator across the three branches of the Allspeed family is shell volume, which by current convention is indicated by forefoot width, measured in millimeters (usually, but not necessarily, in size 26.5). The Allspeed Pro fills the all-important “100mm” slot in Rossignol’s line, the wheelhouse fit for the average foot.   Befitting their importance, all the Allspeed Pro models (120/110/100 flexes) are equipped with Thinsulate™ Platinum insulation.

We wouldn’t expect to see all three of the Allspeed Pro boots at one dealer; it’s far more likely the typical retailer will sell the top model, the Allspeed Pro 120, by itself, or back it up with either the 110 or the 100, but not both. Whichever Allspeed Pro models a shop carries, their stock, soft PU soles can be upgraded to the more aggressive tread pattern of a WTR sole.

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