Last: Medium

Flex: 110W, 100W, 80W

Model Availability: 110W, 100W, 80W

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Rossignol Alltrack Pro W

The signature feature on the Alltrack Pro W models is a hike/ski latch on the rear spine that Rossi purloined several seasons ago from sister company Lange. The curious quality of the Alltrack Pro 110 W is that it skis brilliantly, not because of its focal feature, but despite it.

Most hike mode (HM) boots lose some of their downhill flavor with a loosey-goosey flex that doesn’t quite live up to its numeric billing. This isn’t an issue with the Alltrack Pro 110W, but it you plan on spending more time going uphill than down, you might want a longer range of motion in the hike position.

If you’re looking for superb fit and function when facing downhill, with toe room to spare, select the Alltrack Pro W on its downhill merits and deploy the hike mode only for ease of entry/exit, traversing parking lot acreage and the occasional scramble across a rocky ridgeline.

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