Last: Wide

Flex: 90W/70W

Model Availability: 90W/70W

Atomic Live Fit W

The beauty of the Live Fit W models is that they surrender all pretensions of trying to be close cousins of a race boot and instead deal directly with the problems of real skiers with outside-the-bell-curve foot and lower leg dimensions. The two-buckle shell design delivers best-in-show convenience without forgetting that the foot and ankle have to be held securely.

 The Live Fit 90W and 70W know something this skier doesn’t: what a comfortable, relatively neutral stance should feel like. What the lady with the XXL forefoot and/or calf will instantly recognize is that her feet don’t hurt, perhaps for the first time ever in a ski boot. If you’ve been slumming it in rental boots, or shying away from buying because nothing seems to fit and everything costs as much as a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, slip into a pair of Live Fit W’s and prepare to say, “Finally, nothing hurts!”

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