Last: Wide

Flex: 100/80

Model Availability: 100/80

Atomic Live Fit

Some people with very large feet also possess equally impressive ankles and calves, all of which can be at considerable pains to insert in a ski boot. While Atomic’s Live Fit series can’t actually perform miracles, it may feel like the Promised Land to some extra-large feet who have yet to experience comfort in a ski boot.

Everything about the Live Fit models aims to accommodate the XXXL skier. The two-buckle shell can’t get much easier to don and doff; the super-size buckles are easy and effective; and the soft, elastic panels (the “Live Fit” feature) on either side of the forefoot give bigger feet the room they need without pinching or cramping. Recently incorporated upgrades include Thinsulate™ Platinum insulation and a new buckle that’s lighter and easier to manipulate, making an already super-convenient boot that much more amenable.

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