Last: Medium

Flex: 130/120/100/90

Model Availability: 130/120/100/90

Dalbello Avanti

The Avanti series, which supplanted the Viper line in the Dalbello collection two years ago, strives for neutrality and by and large achieves it. The stance angle of 4o is upright, or what is considered a naturally centered position. The shell has been contoured around critical fit zones so it won’t intrude on sensitive toes and protruding ankle bones, which makes the fit of the Avanti’s feel more generous than the 100mm last advertises.

The overlap shell is softer right over the instep, which not only coddles this area but also eases the effort required to pull the boot on and off. The stock (i.e., non-Intuition™) liner is an improvement over earlier generations, fitting both the foot and shell more accurately.

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