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Flex: 95W/85W/75W

Model Availability: 95W/85W/75W

Dalbello Avanti W

It’s no slander to say the Avanti 95 W and its little sisters, the 85W and 75W, are simple, basic boots. The classic, 4-buckle overlap shell works best when tampered with least. The Avanti W models deliver on the fundamentals: a 4o ramp angle, 12o forward lean angle, pliable plastic to wrap the leg and forefoot securely, coupled with a cut-down cuff height so the calf is less constricted.

The Avanti 95W and 85W both use heat moldable shells; the 95W can be purchased with a customizable ID liner or the same Instant Fit liner used by the 85W.

All 5 Avanti W models use DIN soles that can be retrofit with GripWalk soles for ladies who want to walk more comfortably.

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