Last: Medium

Flex: Pro 130/120/100/90

Model Availability: Pro 130/120/100/90

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Tecnica Cochise

As noted in the brand profile, the new Cochise is a start-from-scratch shoe that addresses every foible in its predecessor from the foundation up. Most elementally, the lower shells are made from different stuff, polyether (PE), so they transmit energy better and are much easier to adapt. (The Cochise 130 also uses polyether in the cuff; the other Cochise models switch to Triax.)

One reason the 2018 Cochise succeeds where the prior iteration fell short – rear support – is attributable to a lower shell that extends further up without limiting rearward ROM. The link between the lower shell and HM cuff is still a metal-to-metal connection.

Also contributing to both the sense of rear support and generally sharper snow feel is where and how the aforementioned PE is applied. The high density PE used in the spine and lower shell is substantially thinner (better snow feel) and 2 ½ times stiffer (quicker response) than the usual PU. This translates to lighter weight –all the better for hiking – without loss of performance (handy for the downhill part).

From a bootfitter’s perspective (which matters more than you might imagine at first blush), the switch to PE is a big deal as it allows the Custom Adaptive Shape (C.A.S.) shell and associated liner to fix the fit foibles that make the difference between, “I think I can ski in it,” to “I can’t wait to ski it.” Put another way, C.A.S. provides quick and easy adaptation without risk of degradation.

The in-box set-up for the men’s 130 and 120 and women’s 105 W features a Dynafit certified set of Tech inserts atop a DIN (ISO 5355) sole, an open invitation to ski in-bounds until the patrol drops the rope into the sidecountry.

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