Last: Narrow

Flex: 110W/90W

Model Availability: 110W/90W

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Fischer My Curv Vacuum Full Fit

The two fundamentals all ski boots must provide are a solid stance and conforming fit. The new My Curv Vacuum Full Fit, available in 110W and 90W flexes, possesses a centered, neutral stance from which steering is automatic. As for the fit, out of the box it feels a bit generous for a 97mm, perhaps because the new toe box affords more room. This is where Vacuum Full Fit comes in, able to suck up 3mm of shell space and hold the foot in a velvet vise.

As you might expect for a boot bearing the My Curv name, this boot is made to facilitate Frontside carving. But once you’re dialed in to the right stance and customized fit, you can take the My Curv anywhere. It’s an awesome all-mountain boot for the strong woman skier with a relatively low volume foot and leg.

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