Last: Medium

Flex: 130/120/110

Model Availability: 130/120/110

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Fischer RC Pro Vacuum Full Fit

The RC Pro series are so comfy out of the box, you might be tempted to forego the Vacuum Full Fit process, but don’t. Fischer’s edge over other brands with heat-moldable shells is their Full Fit Vacuum is equally elastic whether they’re asked to expand or contract. This makes the new RC Pro Full Fit models ideal for a foot with a narrow heel and ankle that spreads into a flat spatula across the metatarsals. The RC Pro’s 100mm last can suck up any extra room in the rearfoot until it fits like a 95mm soft race boot, while allowing the forefoot to expand where the forefoot needs its lebensraum.

RC Pro models feel fabulous from the moment you slip one on, in large part because of the Active Fit Zones (AFZ) liner. Semi-rigid around the ankle, pliable in the arch area and cushy in the forefoot, the sculpted AFZ liners are, like the shells, heat-moldable.

Everybody likes a deal, and the best bargain in the 2018 Fischer boot line is an RC Pro without Vacuum Fit, the RC Pro 120 The RC Pro 120 thermoformable AFZ liner was made from scratch for the medium-volume foot, so it should fit a lot of skiers more or less instantly. The de facto standard price for a 120-flex boot is $599; the RC Pro 120 checks out for $100 less, a great value for a performance skier with a modest budget.

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