Last: Narrow

Flex: 10/8/6

Model Availability: 10/8/6

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Full Tilt First Chair

Full Tilt didn’t stray far from their Original formula when they concocted the Soul, a similarly narrow-lasted shell with a touch more toe radius and high-traction, replaceable rubber soles. The Soul shell forms the foundation for Full Tilt’s stiffest tongue in the First Chair 10, and serves the same function for the slightly softer First Chair 8 and 6.

Because Full Tilt’s signature ribbed tongue remains elastic in all its iterations, even the burly First Chair 10 has a high flex range, ideal for landing toxic airs. A shock-absorbing boot board also helps to dissipate the shock created by dropping out of the sky from four stories high. The First Chair 8 has all the same features in a slightly more forgiving flex.

The new Tom Wallisch Pro is a First Chair 6 with new, high-traction toe and heel pads.

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