Last: Narrow

Flex: 130/120/100

Model Availability: 130/120/100

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Nordica GPX

The GPX line of men’s and women’s boots, marries the take-no-prisoners attitude of race boots with the slightly more relaxed fit and shock-absorbing properties of all-mountain shoes. The inner boot and its attendant fit sensations are the biggest differentiators between the men’s GPX line and their race-bred spin-offs, the Dobermann GP’s. The GPX liners are imbued with Primaloft® so they’re automatically guaranteed to be warmer than the denser, bare-bones affairs that inhabit the insides of the Dobermann models. They’re also injected with a larger dose of malleable cork in fit pockets around the ankle and heel, so the liners will auto-mold in these critical fit zones.

For 2018, the GPX series gets the Infrared Customization treatment, which is more likely to come into play fitting a medium forefoot into a narrow-volume shell. We take this opportunity to remind you that great steering control begins in the heel, so if your foot is only wide up front, it’s wise to get a narrow last like the GPX and use Infrared to expand the forefoot area.

The best boots for technical experts who no longer have to wear a start number to demonstrate their prowess have always been derivatives of World Cup boots, what we in the boot analysis trade call race clones. Nordica’s GPX models fit squarely in this tradition. They’re made on the bones of the original Grand Prix, one of the iconic archetypes of boot design; the top model, the GPX 130, is all the footwear the all-mountain expert will ever need to strut his stuff.

If the GPX skier were an active racer, this marriage would never be consummated as the GPX, with its gummi-bear zeppa and replaceable toe and heel pads, intentionally muffles some of the communication between pilot and piste. The GPX models surrender a certain degree of precision in order to achieve a larger measure of adaptability and unapologetic comfort.

A couple of design details GPX 130 shares with the Dobermann GP 130 deserve mention. The 60mm tall, pre-curved, plasticized power strap on these shoes functions more like a fifth buckle than a fabric closure, directly (and positively) affecting energy transmission. To reduce some of the struggle associated with getting in and out of a 98mm, mono-injected shell, both models meld a single, soft flap of bi-injected plastic to the lower shell that facilitates entry/exit without raising the roof over the instep.

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