Last: Wide

Flex: 130/110/100/80

Model Availability: 130/110/100/80

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Atomic Hawx Magna

In the long, inglorious history of the plastic ski boot, the skier with the wide foot has had to content himself with either an Iron Maiden fit meant for a much slighter foot, or a pair of cavernous, collapsible pits into which he could pour both his feet and his hopes and dreams as a skier.

The new Hawx Magna is one of the few boots built on a 102mm last that delivers the same performance and fit quality as the “100” (Hawx Prime) from the same brand. This may not sound like such a big deal, but trust us, the difference in forefoot width may only measure 2mm, but the performance gulf between “medium” and “wide” boots is immeasurable.

All the features that made the Hawx a worldwide best seller are carried over to the Magna chassis: Memory Fit, that allows for selective shell expansion sure to cure any fitting peculiarity; Power Shift, the ability to reposition the spine to change flex and/or forward lean; Thinsulate insulation; and a slight rotation of the shell to address the abducted stance most of us develop.

Skiers with high volume feet often struggle just to get a ski boot on. The Hawx Magma has a generous aperture that people with limited plantarflexion have a chance of getting into without enduring a life-or-death struggle.

One other admirable Hawx Prime attribute emulated by the Magna is value. Like its narrower inspiration, the Magna delivers a lot of bang for the buck at every price point.

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