Last: Narrow

Flex: 130/120/110/100

Model Availability: 130/120/110/100

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Atomic Hawx Ultra

A lot of boots made for narrow feet are minimalist affairs derived directly from a race boot. The Hawx Ultra, however, is based on a recreational boot, although the Ultra is more than just a narrower Hawx Prime. It uses a new shell design called Progressive shell that removes as much material as possible without compromising strength where required. (To pare even more weight, the cuff on the 130 is made from Grilamid.) The spine is reinforced with Energy Backbone, concentrating rigidity in the rear so the front of the cuff can be pliable and wrap the lower leg more accurately.

The thinner shell and equally minimalist liner are by no means the end of the Hawx Ultra 130’s virtues, but they bear dwelling on because no other boot with this stout a flex feels so light and fits so closely. Snow feel is an underappreciated quality at the point of sale, but of immense value on hill. The Hawx Ultra 130 is one high index boot that feels more like a bug than a bulldozer. Skiers used to a damper feel may shy away from the Hawx Ultra, but narrow feet should welcome another well-executed family of 98mm models.

All Hawx Ultra models use a 3D Memory Liner with preformed shape in the heel and ankle that locks down the fit in this critical area. (The stiffer the flex, the more area is covered by the 3D feature.) Of course the liner can be heat molded, as can most of the shell. Adjustments for forward flex and forward lean are integrated into the connection between the lower shell and upper cuff. Cantable toe and heel pads and cuff alignment can be deployed to customize lateral alignment.

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