Last: Medium

Flex: 130/120/110

Model Availability: 130/120/110

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Head Vector Evo

The Vector Evo series blends race-bred fundamentals with fancy customization features to create a series for the recreational skier with no interest in running gates. The chassis is a relatively roomy medium (100mm @ 26.5) that can easily be heated and expanded in any direction using Head’s Form Fit system.

While the heat-moldable shell and liner are laudable features, what really makes the Vector Evo awesome boots are all the elements not affected by custom fitting. The Dynamic Frame shell directs more energy to the heel/arch area directly under the steering column. To achieve a natural, balanced stance, the Vector Evo borrows its 4o heel elevation and 14o spoiler angle from the Raptor, but the hinge point has been relocated 18mm rearward to create a more shock-absorbing flex range.

The Vector Evo 130 is further embellished with the Raptor’s Booster strap, an extra touch that is worth more than the average skier realizes. The 130 also uses the nifty, twisty Spineflex buckles and both cuff buckles – the only buckles you ever want to reef on – boost closure power by 50% when the neatly integrated Double Power lever is deployed.

Two new accessories available in 2018 for Vector Evo models merit consideration: Grip/Walk soles that greatly improve traction when walking, and cantable soles with up to 2 degrees of tilt-ability.

The talented skier with a narrow foot will be better off in the confines of the Raptor 120 RS, but those who have enough foot to fill them will find the Vector Evos’ unique combination of features will deliver enduring enjoyment.

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