Last: Medium

Flex: 110W/90W/80W

Model Availability: 110W/90W/80W

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Head Vector Evo W

Every so often boot designers come up with a feature that has more value for women than for men. Once in a blue moon you’ll find two such features on a boot, as is the case with the Vector Evo 110W. The boot components that the skier handles every day are the buckles, yet most buckles, particularly on high-end boots, are rudimentary affairs, often with short latches just to make closing them even more arduous. The two cuff buckles on the 110W incorporate Head’s proprietary Double Power lever that extends to multiply the user’s closing force, a godsend to women who often struggle to get the fit tension they need to ski confidently.

The other feature (on both the 110W and the 90W) that benefits women in particular is Form Fit, Head’s method for heat molding the shell and liner around whatever deformity needs extra attention. There’s a bone in a woman’s instep called the first cuneiform that is often squeezed upward to form a nasty knob that’s tricky to accommodate – unless the boot can be re-molded in this area, which Form Fit makes not only possible, but simple.

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