Last: Narrow

Flex: 130LV/130/130HV/120 Heat/120/120HV/100/100HV

Model Availability: 130LV/130/130HV/120 Heat/120/120HV/100/100HV

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K2 Spyne

K2 has shuffled the Spyne deck without changing any of the fundamentals of its shell design. Two new flexes, 120 and 100 have replaced the retired 110, and a Heat option is also available in the 120 (only). The new line-up all receive a new EVA liner with more toe height and a preformed shape in the critical rear-foot area. The fit all around the foot in the Spyne 130 LV feels well contoured and well cushioned for a 130; the cuff also feels cushy and the flex a little softer than you’d expect for a race boot. The strength of the Spyne remains its balanced stance and shock-absorbing spine that performs at its best in off-trail conditions.

Note that the Spyne comes in 3 different volumes, but not all flexes come in narrow (LV), medium and wide(HV) lasts. The 130 flex is the only index that comes in all 3 widths, including the LV last that the 120 and 100 flexes don’t offer.

K2 deserves a lot of credit for resisting the temptation to re-invent the alpine ski boot. Not that they didn’t do their due diligence and re-think the requirements, but their thinking led them back to a fresh take on some well-established concepts. The Spyne 130, whether in its high-volume (HV), low-volume (LV) or relatively roomy medium issue, works because it meets every expectation for performance, and then adds a little extra feature/benefit that assists the all-terrain skier.

Yes, the stance is spot on, but the rigid spine (its signature feature) coupled to a well-conforming cuff keeps the skier in a centered stance that is also elastic. The EVA inner boot does as much with the heat-moldable concept as any stock liner extant, although it feels skiable right out to the box. The flagship Spyne 130 doesn’t have any more built-in features than other boots, but every component from the sole to the power strap has a smoothly integrated extra touch.

The same fit options that grace the Spyne 130 are also on display in the new, slightly softer Spyne 120, 120 Heat and 100. Skilled skiers with chronically cold feet take note of the 120 Heat, as there aren’t a lot of performance boots with a built-in heating module.

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