Last: Extra-Wide

Flex: 120/100 Heat/100/90

Model Availability: 120/100 Heat/100/90

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K2 B.F.C.

K2 isn’t circumspect about who it made the B.F.C. for: it’s right there in the name: Built For Comfort. The C could just as easily stand for Convenience, for the B.F.C.’s are as easy to slip on as a 4-buckle boot can get. The latch on the spine that unlocks the upper cuff so it’s easier to walk is referred to as “Après Mode,” in recognition of the likelihood that this feature will be used more often on a barstool than a backcountry adventure.

K2 adds the B.F.C. 120 to the mix this year, along with a new heated boot, the B.F.C. 100 Heat, with a built-in Thermic heating unit.

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