Last: Extra-Wide

Flex: 100W/90W Heat/90W/80W

Model Availability: 100W/90W Heat/90W/80W

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K2 B.F.C. W

One could make the case that if a boot holds you comfortably in the correct stance, it’s done its job. This is the modest ambition of the B.F.C. models for women, wide-lasted recreational boots available in two new upscale versions, the 100 and 90 Heat. The 100W is naturally more supportive than the returning B.F.C. 90W and 80W (the 90W has a new inner boot), but it shouldn’t be mistaken for a high performance machine, but simply a firmer option for the recreational skier.

The 90 Heat addresses a problem that has plagued women skiers since the sport began. Its Thermic heating system is a lifesaver for women with poor circulation.

Simplicity itself to slip on and off, B.F.C. boots nonetheless deliver 4-buckle support in a natural stance with a cuff alignment adjustment for good measure.

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