Last: Medium

Flex: 130/120/100/90

Model Availability: 130/120/100/90

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Tecnica Mach 1 MV

Tecnica’s Custom Adaptive Shape (C.A.S.) is an umbrella concept that influences how the shell, liner and other components are crafted. What C.A.S. enables are localized solutions that don’t require the entire structure to be stressed in order to relieve a pressure point that’s no bigger than a quarter. While superficially C.A.S. doesn’t sound as sexy as baking the entire shell, in fact it facilitates the implementation of artisanal bootfitting techniques that accomplish the same ends without the risk of structural damage.     

While any shell can be heated and deformed, no other liner has the anatomical C.A.S. exoskeleton encasing most of the lower liner behind the metatarsals. It tightens the link between liner and shell, improves energy transmission and creates a customizable interface between skier and boot.

The result is a more accurate fit throughout the steering column of the lower leg and ankle on the medium-lasted Mach 1 MV. The C.A.S. feature is found in a strong 130 flex, a close clone at 120 and the structurally softer 100 flex. The Mach1 MV 90 retains the basic shell architecture but dispenses with the C.A.S. to fit a more bargain-friendly price point.

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