Last: Extra-Narrow

Flex: 140/120/100

Model Availability: 140/120/100

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Head Raptor RS

The Raptor 140 RS and 120 RS are as close to World Cup race boots as anyone not wearing a start bib needs to own. Contact around the heel and ankle feels like a velvet vise before the boot is even buckled. Once cinched in with their low-profile Spineflex buckle system, you feel welded to the monoblock structure, your every twitch instantly transmitted to the sole.

The foundation of high performance skiing is the boot, which is why racers are notoriously hesitant to switch brands once they’ve tasted success. If you’re a fan of World Cup racing, you know that athletes with first-name recognition like Lindsay, Bode, Ted, Julia, Aksel and others are raising Head skis over their heads when they stand on the podium. They’re also wearing Heads on their feet, which tells you all you need to know about the racing bona fides of the Raptors.

The 120 flex is already plenty of boot for most mortals; the Raptor 140 RS is a no-frills, no-fooling race boot (96mm last) with instant communication to the edge. In the unlikely event that the 140 isn’t enough boot for you, it can bumped up to a 150 (or down to a 130) should the need arise. The other alternative lies outside the realm of what we consider suitable for citizens: the Raptor B2 RD and B3 RD are both ultra-narrow (93m in 26.5) and beastly stiff (up to 160 flex in the B2).

If you’re a devotee of Technical skis that reach for snow contact at the very top of the turn, one Raptor or another should be on your shopping list. The one-piece shell assures superb sensitivity to the snow and the elite energy transmission required to drive today’s best hard-snow skis. The 120 and 100 flexes are underrated all-mountain boots with exceptional snow feel.

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