Last: Wide

Flex: 90W, 80W, 70W

Model Availability: 90W, 80W, 70W

Rossignol Alltrack W

The chances of the classic 90-flex American woman climbing anything more demanding than the stairs leading to the upper deck at the base lodge is close to nil, but that doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate flipping into hike mode as she prepares her assault on the first flight. Back in the 1980’s we referred to such shell/cuff connections as a “walk mode,” and for models such as the Alltrack 90W and its softer-flexing sisters, that’s the function they nobly serve.

The generous, 102mm last of the Alltrack 90W gives even the meatiest woman’s foot the chance to relax, and the 90 flex should be spot-on for the recreational skier who wants to feel good without the obligation to actually be good. Comfort is king for this skier, and in this regard the Alltracks are what the (boot) doctor ordered.

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