Last: Medium

Flex: 130/130LV/120/120LV/100/100LV

Model Availability: 130/130LV/120/120LV/100/100LV

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Lange RX

Oh, the difference a couple of silly millimeters make. The new RX’s are so comfortable right out of the box you won’t believe you’re in a Lange. How did this come to pass?

Several seasons ago, Lange increased the instep height on its classic RS race boot and instantly earned thousands of new adherents who wouldn’t have worn a blue Lange race boot on a bet. The green machine, the RX 130, took another clever tack, purloining a page from the women’s dress market. Men who didn’t really belong in a race boot could rock the prestigious RX 130, boosting their ability and their self-esteem in one blow.

For 2018, the RX series receives the full Dual Core shell and Dual 3D liner re-invention bestowed on the RS line. The front panels on the cuff wrap better so the fit feels closer and the rear spine is stiffer, so the response to rear pressure is more immediate. The inner boot and the shell are more precisely mated, so the new Dual 3D liner follows every contour inside the shell, even in the heel pocket. The 2018 toe box and instep are more generous, the snow dam is wider and the rivet in the front has been retired.

Befitting its runaway popularity, the RX 130 heads a large family of spin-offs. The flagship model is available in the standard, medium (100mm) last and a low-volume (LV), 97mm alternative.   The same range of choices is found in the softer-flexing RX 120 and RX 100.

While the RX 130 doesn’t deliver the undiluted precision of its RS cousin, it’s still a single-piece, polyether lower shell and PE cuff assembled with exactly the same stance angles that has made the RS the most imitated design in skiing.


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