Last: Medium

Flex: 110W/90W/80W

Model Availability: 110W/90W/80W

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Salomon QST Pro W

The key features of the returning QST Pro W family read like a litany of what women want: lightweight, warmth, convenience and custom-fit capability. That’s it’s also easy to walk in, whether it’s around the base area or across a ridgeline, is a bonus.

Most women who purchase a boot with a hike mode do precious little hiking, but the QST Pro W series can handle the occasional jaunt into the backcountry with the same facility it applies to skiing on-trail. Their PA/PU shells are warm and lightweight, with the QST Pro 110 W coming in at a mere 1.5kg (24.5). The Endofit external tongue provides a bundle of benefits, including easier entry, smooth flex and excellent wrapping of the foot and lower leg, the essential requirement for performance skiing.

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