Last: Wide

Flex: 130/120/100/90

Model Availability: 130/120/100/90

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Lange SX

One has to admire Lange’s uncompromising standards. Many boots made for big, wide feet surrender any number of performance attributes to achieve a more immediately accommodating fit. Lange knows that for a wide boot to ski like a Lange, it has to be built with the same stance and inner boot technology as its other models. This commitment to making technical products for all skiers makes the SX 130 a standout shoe for any fellow with a big hoof.

One of the secrets to the SX’s success is the shell allows for easier entry/exit without giving up the energy transmission of a mono-injected, PU lower. Softer plastic flaps over the instep allow the wider foot to slide in and out without being sawed in twain by the rigid shell material. The skilled skier in search of a wide-lasted boot should put the SX on his shopping list.

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