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Tecnica Mach 1 W LV

The women-specific parts of any boot are the liner and the upper cuff, and Tecnica made several noteworthy moves in both arenas on its Mach 1 W models for 2018. The liner cuff and collar have been reshaped to better fit the female calf, but Tecnica didn’t stop there. The entire upper spoiler area can be heated and reformed, increasing volume at the aperture by up to 10% or shrinking it 5%. This is a deal-breaker fit zone on women, so C.A.A. Cuff Adapter is one feature that is likely to be used with a lot of women, particularly those in a low-volume (LV) shell.

Women have chronic circulatory issues more frequently than men, making them more susceptible to cold feet. Every flex in the Mach 1 LV series uses a multi-fiber lining of Celliant and Lambswool to trap body heat and convert it to infrared energy that can penetrate deeply into soft tissue to augment blood flow and oxygen delivery. Leaving no stone unturned in its quest to keep women’s feet warm, Tecnica adds Merino wool to the Mach 1 LV liner. Merino has the seemingly intelligent ability to warm the foot when it’s cold out and keep it cool on those spring days when over-heating becomes an issue.

All ski boot makers talk about natural stance, but Tecnica paired with the Cerism University Research Center to analyze it and find out what really works for women. The answer is women can exert more power and maintain better balance with a 12o forward lean angle and 3mm of extra rear support, so Tecnica modified the Mach 1 LV cuff to match these optimal stance positions.

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