Last: Extra-Wide

Flex: 130/110/90/80

Model Availability: 130/110/90/80

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Rossignol Track

Extending the Alltrack series to an ultra-wide, 104mm shell, the new Track series gives someone with a pair of giant grape-stompers an option he didn’t have before. Unlike most large-volume boot lasts, the 4-model Track series is headlined by a 130-flex model, so big boys with big feet might get the support they need and so rarely get.

Big feet have feelings, too, and the Track liner takes loving care of them with Wintherm® insulation, a breathable aluminum membrane that reflects heat. The Track collection’s signature feature is a hike mode on the spine that’s more likely to see use traversing the great plains of the parking lot than ascending the side of an Alp. It’s a nice-to-have feature, but what really sets the 130 and 110 Tracks apart is an accurate liner that’s isn’t just a giant tunnel but an anatomic structure that provides security as well as comfort.

All Track models are compatible with after-market Walk to Ride (WTR) walking soles for better traction.

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