Solves World Hunger!

By: Jackson Hogen

Published: September 11, 2017

Well, not entirely.

But don’t let it get you down. Cheer up! After all, is back and better than ever!

Of course you expect tons of ski reviews, so there are 135 to peruse and ponder. And that’s just the Recommended models for this year.

For several seasons we’ve been linking our boot commentaries to the detailed, on-snow reports provided by MasterFit Enterprises and America’s Best Bootfitters. Over the past year this relationship has grown into a full-fledged partnership, MasterFit Media, combining our dealer networks and more than doubling the number of Realskiers test shops that can contribute to our data base.

That’s just for starters. MasterFit Media also composed equipment coverage for, the world’s most visited ski domain. Realskiers provided 98 fresh takes on Recommended skis for, all linked back to Realskiers and the more detailed coverage we provide our members.

Later this fall you’ll see yet another MasterFit Media product, the prototype for a new kind of Buyer’s Guide featuring a slew of reviews and articles that provide real-world guidance for new and returning skiers.

The moment depicted here has nothing to do with this article. Or everything.

But that’s coming later. For now, you can enjoy the new navigation on Realskiers that eliminates the endless scrolling that was the bane of the 2017 edition. Seniors will find that Silver Skier Selections have their own home, as well as appearing among the rest of the reviews as usual.

Among the many fruits of the new alliance between Realskiers and MasterFit is the restoration and expansion of our FIND function. In the weeks ahead we’ll be contacting our entire shop network to link the boots on their shelves and skis on their racks with our membership.

The commercial union of and MasterFit Media isn’t merely an arranged marriage of conveniently available partners, but an expression of our shared passion for skiing and mutual desire to serve the skiing public.

From Realskiers’ perspective, the alliance with MasterFit is central to our mission. Our core competence is matching skiers with the perfect skis for them. The validity of the entire exercise is meaningless if skiers’ boots don’t fit or don’t allow them to ski comfortably and in control.

There isn’t another institution in the world with the same commitment to on-snow evaluation and clear communication about alpine ski boots as MasterFit. More importantly, MasterFit takes its vast storehouse of knowledge on the road, providing invaluable training for specialty retailers around the world. The benefits of this training to skiers of all ages, abilities and predilections are incalculable.

Allow me to provide a brief illustration that requires a bit of background. On weekends I fit boots at Bobo’s in Reno, a family ski shop that serves every stratum of Reno/Tahoe ski society. I see skiers of every ilk and endeavor to provide each and every one with a comfortable and balanced fit.

But I must admit I have favorites. It’s not based on skill level, biased about gender or influenced by accomplishments. It’s the courageous ones. The people who have every reason in the world not to ski, yet want to anyway. In many cases, skiing is the one chance they have for a liberating activity that restores a measure of freedom to their lives. If we can fit them in a boot, then they can ski.

Taking care of these people is the best thing I do. I wouldn’t be half as good at this enterprise were it not for the training and encouragement I get, and continue to get, from MasterFit.

What I learn by trying to fit everyone who sits in front of me is that it isn’t just the physically limited who need help with their boots. Everyone can become a better skier just by getting properly fitted footwear. It’s the foundation upon which all skiing happiness – not to mention competence – depends.

If you’ve read this far, you deserve another shot that whets the appetite for a fresh season.

Once you have your boots dialed, come see me at Realskiers about your skis. You’ll find a simple method that will guide you to the best ski for where and how you like to ski. Members can also contact me directly with their questions.

I look forward to hearing from you,


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